The Badge

The badge is a pearl-set crescent with horns turned toward the left, and enclosing a monogram of the Greek letters Lambda, Chi, and Alpha. The center of the crescent bears the Greek letters Delta Pi in gold on black enamel. A variety of jewels may be selected for the Lambda. Probably no fraternity badge has deeper meaning than that of Lambda Chi Alpha. Not only do the pearls, Greek letters, and crescent have their symbolism, but each line of the crescent and the relationship of the emblems to each other add still greater significance. The meaning of the badge, of course, cannot be discussed here. It should never be used as mere decoration, such as on stationery, programs, or publications. It is an evidence of membership for an individual and should be used only for that purpose except as specifically authorized in the laws of the Fraternity, for example, when presented, usually in the medium or miniature size, to one’s mother, wife, sister, or fiancée.


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